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ASD GROUP ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING INC. is an engineering and consultancy company established in Ankara with its expert staff.

With the help of our team of engineers in different disciplines (Construction, Machinery, Electrical, Geological Engineering) we have worked on over 100 projects in Turkey and abroad on design of engineering structures, Our company can offer all engineering services related to Dam, Regulator, Hydroelectric Power Plant, Road, Bridge, Infrastructure, Superstructure, Industrial Structures, Irrigation Projects, Potable Water Projects and Design of Steel Structures. Our fields of activity: Dams, Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPP), Coastal and Harbor Structures, Weirs and Water Structures, Potable Water Supply, Transmission and End User Supply, Irrigation Water Supply, Transmission and End User Supply, Transportation (Highway, Airport, Railway, Bridge, Tunnel,), Infrastructure & Superstructure Building and Ground Improvement Design, Reinforced Concrete, Steel, Composite Buildings and Facilities